#Tezos T.A & #Chainlink T.A – WOW! The Targets KEEP ON GETTING HIT!

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Chainlink T.A – LINKUSD, LINKETH & LINKBTC

That’s right, we keep on hitting targets. That chainlink video was something else, huh? Wow, well anyway we have another round of technical analysis up for grabs today ladies and gentlemen so roll up roll up and let’s take a look at the charts. Quicker to go through today given all the hard work we have done up to this point on the XTZUSD and LINKUSD charts. Looking at their BTC and ETH counterparts too.

This episode will remain relevant long past the date of publication. It was filmed on: 19/11/2020

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Trading View:

The following tools feature regularly in my videos:

Exponential Moving Averages:
Yellow Solid Line = 21
Green Solid Line = 55
Cyan Solid Line = 144
Purple Solid Line = 233

Simple Moving Averages:
Red Dotted Line = 50
White Dotted Line = 200

RSI + Ema,

And the VPVR – the Volume Profile Visible Range.

Why do your indicators look different to mine?

When I use the MACD I only look at the histogram. As for the Stochastics I have customised the code to use an exponential moving average rather than the simple. The DMI is completely customised in terms of the colour scheme and background. If you would like access to my custom indicators then just join the discord and I’ll give you access, no problem.

I am not a financial adviser none of this is Financial Advice.

Of course this is all speculative and mostly we are concerned in the Rocky Outcrop community with managing risk, people don’t go bust taking profits! Keep it simple, never risk anything you can’t afford.


8 Gedanken zu „#Tezos T.A & #Chainlink T.A – WOW! The Targets KEEP ON GETTING HIT!

  • 22. November 2020 um 11:14

    Little bit of a bearish flag ending soon, 68% upside potential 32% downside by sat. or sun..

  • 22. November 2020 um 11:14

    When this bull market starts getting more retail buyers(FOMO) it will really take off . Not complaining about it so far though , institutional money can keep doing what it's doing. Nice video rocky!

  • 22. November 2020 um 11:14

    LINK & XTZ ~ How high will ChainLink go??? Traders get informed with T.A. giant Rocky Outcrop 🍀🦝🍀🦊🍀

  • 22. November 2020 um 11:14

    I rode link up this am on that pump almost to 14, made a nice swing trade with some leverage and got out. Playing the daily range as of now waiting for Tezzies to make or break.


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